Personal Injury Fraud Can Even Be Busted By Facebook!

Personal Injury Fraud Can Even Be Busted By Facebook!

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Personal Injury Fraud |

Personal injury law is an area of law which suffers a lot from malicious intent and this field is notorious for its high frequency of frauds and scam. People sometimes decide to exploit the system which is in basically good in principle or as an idea, and it is beneficial to those who actually have suffered a serious injury, but criminal minds often fake injuries, stage accidents and collect rewards which are not rightfully theirs. Click here for info on the site.


Police and all sorts of agencies are overlooking the process of personal injury trials and they always check the facts and monitor the behavior of parties involved in the incidents. They manage to catch some portion of criminal activity, but, certain amount does “go through”. However, police forces are now using new methods and they incorporate new technologies in order to be more efficient and to catch the bad guys more efficiently.


One such story comes from Wales, UK, where the police was successful in busting a large criminal organization which used “cash and crash” insurance fraud to receive the money and take large compensation checks. The group used the simple principle of braking sharply in front of another vehicle and causing a rear-end collision, which put the driver who could not stop at clear fault. Insurance claims were used for repairs and personal injury awards were received for feigned injuries and false health problems. Police used Facebook photos, comments and connections to pull off a detailed examination of the problem and they seized 83 people in the end, but the number may even rise to 100 group members in the following period. They could all receive up to 6 years in prison.


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